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Live - Kyoto '85 and Tokyo '88

by Heretic

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This album is taken from Heretic's few live and rehearsal performances, all of which are previously unreleased.

(1) is with Robbin Loyd (ac-per) and Thoru Ohta (g, drum machine, guitar-sysnthezer) played live that develops into 'Do Heretick'.

The original source was taken from the audio part of a analog video, the sound was mono, and there was a lot of hiss, but I tried to eliminate it as much as possible and listen to it as music. and expanded the stereo (L/R) image with wonderful mastering tools.

4 days before this live show, I have prepared a studio live recording that I rehearsed by myself alone as a bonus track, 'Do Heretick Original Version (1985-11-01)' for 'Escape Sequence'. If you listen and compare, you can see that the improvisational part has changed because of the members' participation.

Robbin's solo was played first, then Ohta joined as guitar, after that I played and record phrases from the guitar sound into a Korg SDD-1000 delay machine, sampling/loop in specific phrases, and play backing tracks in real time. If you listen carefully, the loop phrase will gradually change from the middle.

With this guitar loop sound in the background, I played solo the parts on Roland Guitar Synthesizer (GR-500) and violin, and electric guitar.

Of course, Ohta and Robbin are also improvising in response to real-time sounds. Also, in this version, the bolero rhythm that Ohta pre-programmed into the drum machine is added, bringing it closer to the form of the 2nd release.

In the last part, a sequence phrase using an analog synthesizer + analog sequencer (Korg MS-20 + SQ-10) is also played in the background.

(2) This is a one-time overall rehearsal for the Tokyo live. All sounds were passed through the mixing console and recorded to a recorder, so the sound is very clear.

As it was difficult to reproduce the sound of Do Heretick's guitar loop live and other guitar loop same time live, I looped the basic sound on a sampled keyboard instead of guitar.

Each member used a sampling keyboard (Korg DSS-1) to change the tone for each part, but the sampling data at that time was recorded on a floppy disk, which took a long time to load. Therefore, loading the data was complicated, and I, Ohta, and Takeuchi shared the roles of changing the sound in real time.

For some reason, I compiled all the performances in one track. Do Heretick's next music is Robbin's tune and he also played piano. The last part was improvised.

(3) In this live Tokyo performance, we appeared in front of Tokyo's audience for first time, after the 2nd LP had already been released.

This was recorded by the original source on an open reel 38cm/2track tape machine with line input from the mixing console at the live board, with no additional dubbing.

The recorded sound on the open reel tape recorder had various problems, so until last year (2022) it was in an untouched status, without any editing, although after editing, the volume balance of each instrument is still not good, but Chihiro S. (Katra Turana, LACRYMOSA and Golden Avangarde) joined us on bass at that show, so it's worth listening to.

In addition, Heretic has performed live only 5 times in total. Therefore, I think that this live work is a rare recording.

1985-03-03: Doushisya University, Kyoto
1985-11-04: Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto
1986-06-22: Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto
1987-09-14: Egg Plant, Osaka as backing band of DUPPI
1988-03-19: Meguro Live Station,Tokyo

Hiro Kawahara 2023


released August 25, 2023

Heretic - Live - Kyoto'85 and Tokyo'88 (2022 Remaster)

These tracks are all unreleased live and rehearsal recordings.

1 Ritsumeikan University Live (November, 4, 1985) (2023 remaster) (66:24)
2 Rehearsal for Tokyo Live (March 13, 1988) (2022 Remaster) (41:52)
3 Tokyo Live (March 19, 1988) (2022 Remaster) (28:30)

(Total time 136:43 : all 3 unreleased tracks)


Tohru Ohta (syn, elc-g, guitar-sysnthezer, elc-per)
Robbin Lloyd (various ac-per, shakuhachi, keyboard)
Hiro Kawahara (elc-g, elc-vil, guitar-synthsizer, synthesizer, sampler, computer)


Kazuya Takeuchi (sampler, elc-g on 2, 3)
Chihiro S. (b on 3)

(1) Recorded live at Ritsumeikan University, November, 4, 1985

(2) Rehearsal at Aterie Infortecture, Katura, Kyoto, March 13, 1988

(3) Recorded live at Meguro Live Station,Tokyo. March 19, 1988

Produced by Hiro Kawahara
Remastered by Hiro Kawahara, 2022-2023
Copyright Hiro Kawahara 2023


all rights reserved



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