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The Summer We Went West [and East] - Live 2006

by Ahleuchatistas

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    This digital album includes a live video (seen at the top of this page) as well as photos from the University of Maryland show and the infamous bumper sticker [adhesive not included]!
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    releases December 29, 2023

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Big Noise
Unfolding 03:32
Fodder for Defamation
Sherman's March
Falling Bards
Ecstasy Combat Boots
Red Coated Emergency Exit Alert
Shots Rang Out At The Press Conference
Remember Rumsfeld at Abu Ghraib
If, Whenever
Brilliant Danderkovs
Sometimes There's a Buggy
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Last Spark From God
Now, Now Is Then
silence between Saalfelden and University of Maryland
Big Noise
Shell in Oginiland
Sherman's March
Red Coated Emergency Exit Alert
Ecstacy Combat Boots
If, Whenever
Maybe Orange
Fodder For Defamation
Shots Rang Out At The Press Conference
Falling Bards
Remember Rumsfeld at Abu Ghraib
Now, Now Is Then


In October, 2004, not too long after we released Obedience by Larval, they did a small tour of a week's worth of dates, including a show in Baltimore that Cuneiform's long time second-in-command, Simon helped set up at a club there. Simon was doing a lot of booking and dj-ing at that time and was getting handed a lot of promos. He was handed a promo of Ahleuchatistas's second album by a label from Alexandria, VA (one hour from Baltimore) who had released it. When it came time to book a supporting act for Larval, somehow the band contacted Simon and Simon, thinking they were from Alexandria, booked them for this mid-week show.

Shortly before the gig Simon found out they were from ASHVILLE, NC (9 hours away), NOT Alexandria! He called them to tell them that he had no idea that they had to travel that far and that it was totally cool with him if they had to cancel for what was going to be a very poorly paid show. They said, "no, we want to play this show and we'll be there." What they didn't tell Simon and what I only found out years later was that they wanted to do this show to play in front of ME!

So, it's a typical Baltimore rock-club mid-week night that goes WAY WAY too late. I don't know anything about anything other than I'm getting to see and meet Larval (who I'm putting up at my place for the night). Larval finish their set and I'm helping them get ready to leave and I have NO INTENTIONS WHATSOEVER of seeing ANY other music, as it's already something like 1:30 am on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and I'm beyond exhausted.

I walk past the stage on my way to tell Bill of Larval I am leaving and to follow me back to the place when I witness 20 seconds of Ahleuchatistas, who are in full SLAY mode in front of maybe 8 people. I couldn't believe my eyes. They were (and remain) the most amazing musical sight I had ever seen cold. I do remember sitting down next to Simon who was also watching them with his jaw dropping and saying to him, "Simon, I'm so tired. My judgement is shot. Are these guys as good as I think that they are?", and he replied, "Better!"

They were quite different than other bands I had worked with up to that point on Cuneiform, and even though around that era I was trying very hard to expand the sound of what Cuneiform was known for, I must admit that I was fascinated but unsure. A couple more performances at various long-gone dives in DC convinced me, and we signed them for their third album in July, 2005 with their album released in January 2006.

Things started moving very fast; their amazing shows were finally gaining them the attention they 100% deserved and Cuneiform had a really good promo team in those days and that helped them too. I don’t remember much about the tour that the poster that is included in the package came from, but they were definitely leaving the East coast for the first time. Was that the same tour where they played SXSW and even made it to California? No one remembers.

They were smart people but were a little bit innocent in my view; I remember Shane talking about people contacting him about free CDs for ‘promo’ (a big, big scam in those days) and my warning him that there were a lot of scammers out there and to forward any inquiries he had to our office, who knew how to sort the legit from the not-so-legit. One of these times, he told me that he had been contacted by the Saalfelden Jazz Festival in Austria to play a gig; they were offering all transportation costs and a good fee. I remember telling him that it had to be a fake invite and asked him who the email came from. “booking@jazzfestsaalfelden.at”, was the reply. I blinked a few times and said, “Get ON it.”

These two shows are by far the best recordings of this trio at their absolute peak. 20 years later, I’m thrilled to share it with the world – Steve Feigenbaum


releases December 29, 2023

Shane Parish – guitar
Derek Poteat – bass
Sean Dail – drums

Tracks 1-19 recorded at Saalfelden Jazz Festival, August 27, 2006.

Tracks 21-34 recorded at the University of Maryland, WMUC studio, April 19, 2006.

University of Maryland engineered by Javier Diaz and broadcast over WMUC, except for 20 and 21, which were recorded by Mark O. Chapman on mini-disc in the audience.

Photos of the University of Maryland performance by Mark O. Chapman.

Mastering by Ian Beabout, ShedSounds Media.

Archival research and presentation by Steve Feigenbaum.


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